About Boloro

Boloro Global Limited licenses its multi-factor and multi-channel authentication and payment service platform that is compatible with all mobile phones, including smartphones and feature phones, making it ideal for identity verification and transaction validation worldwide across all use cases, including online banking, digital payments and eCommerce.

The Internet was never designed for secure transactions and other sensitive activity, and Operating Systems are often subjected to malware. SIM Swaps, social engineering, hacking, login breaches, malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other forms of fraud are rising dramatically.

PYMNTS.com reports on how Boloro’s user-friendly approach to authentication avoids the Internet and Operating System

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Unmatched layer of Security in your Hands

Boloro Authentication is a multi-factor and multi-channel solution that works with smartphones and feature phones without any APP to download. Boloro Authentication does not touch the Internet or OS and does not leave a trace in the handset’s memory. The patented process has been approved by the GSMA and is easy to implement, putting security in your hands.

Uses a secure channel – Real-time Push or network initiated USSI/USSD messaging protocol over the Secure Signaling Channel of the mobile operator.

No app to download – Authentication message layers on top of Apps, separating the authentication from the activity itself, and disappears once the message is addressed.

Validates user’s device – Origination data analysis ensures the correct handset is responding, defeating SIM Swaps.

Asks for secret – Memorized Password or PIN that is only known by the user.

Records an audit trail – Authentication dataset remains with the licensee and provides a keystroke-by-keystroke, time-stamped audit trail.

Simple to Use and Easy to Deploy

Boloro provides user-friendly authentication solutions for any use case across all industries. Boloro’s white-label authentication solution is hosted and controlled by the licensee to comply with all data protection and privacy regulations globally. It is deployed easily via API’s allowing local or cloud hosting.

See How It Works

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