Terms, Agreements and Usage

By activating this Boloro Sticker and receiving your PIN, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of use:
  1. For security purposes you will not share your PIN with anyone and will delete it from your SMS history after every transaction
  2. You understand that the use of your PIN for approving every transaction ensures that you are the only one using your mobile account for purchases. Therefore, you take responsibility for all purchases that are approved from your mobile number with your PIN.
  3. You will inform Boloro immediately if you lose your phone or sticker so that your account is protected.
  4. In the case of payments below $5, you agree to allow service provider to disable your PIN required for approving each payment and therefore you agree to pay all payments charged to your account. In the case that the amount charged is higher, you agree to be asked to approve the transaction using your PIN.
  5. You will be responsible for all PIN-less payments other than those PIN-less payments that occur within 30 minutes of reporting.

Reset PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN or want to reset it, SMS “reset” to XXX [three digits code].

Unsubscribe from Boloro

To unsubscribe from Boloro, simply SMS ‘OFF’ to XXX [three digits code]. You can subscribe again by sending ‘ON’ to XXX [three digits code]. In case you lose your phone, you should immediately call your Mobile Operator and unsubscribe Boloro. As soon as your phone number is restored, get a new Boloro Sticker and reactivate right away.