Customer FAQs

What is Boloro?
Boloro is the global mobile payments system which allows you to pay in-store & online using your mobile phone. Boloro directly charges your mobile phone balance, wallet, or bank account.

Do I need a smart phone to pay with Boloro?
No. Any phone with SMS capability is all you need to approve transactions..

How secure is Boloro?
Boloro has multi-factor authentication security. Most importantly, only you possess your SIM in your phone and only you can authorize a transaction using your four-digit PIN. Even if someone takes your phone, you’re the only one with the PIN. Make sure you don’t share your PIN with anyone.

What if I lose my mobile phone or my Boloro Sticker?
Please inform your telco immediately so they can block your SIM and issue you a new SIM card. If you lose your Boloro Sticker, call your telco to disable that sticker and be issued another one to be paired with your phone.

Can I use Boloro internationally?
Yes. As Boloro acceptance launches in other countries, you will be able to make international payments at any Boloro acceptance outlet around the world. Please continue to check our website for updates on new countries welcoming Boloro.

How much does it cost to use Boloro?
Boloro doesn’t charge customers to pay for purchases.

Does Boloro let me charge payments to my Airtime balance or my Mobile Wallet
Yes. If your Telco offers Mobile Wallet then Boloro gives you both options to choose from. There is no charge on purchases made using your Mobile Wallet Balance. However, if you as a customer pay for purchases or bills using mobile phone account, your telco will charge you an airtime-to-cash conversion and will top-up your balance with an amount equal to the value of the conversion fee; in the form of free on-network minutes.

Is there a transaction fee for paying with Boloro?
No. Customers are not charged any transaction fee for purchases or bill payment.

Is there a charge for non-payment service that Boloro offers?
For Value added services like “Electricity Bill Printing” and other such non-payment related services merchants will charge a fee and can vary country by country.

How can I put money on my mobile account?
You can top-up your Mobile balance in many ways such as Mobile Top-Up Scratch Cards, E-Top-Ups and Wallet Top-Ups at Mobile Wallet agents. For more information please contact your telco.

Can I pay someone else’s bill with my mobile?
Yes you can. As long as you authorize the payment and pay using your Mobile Account, you can pay for a friend or relative.

Can I link my bank account with my mobile?
It depends if your telco offers this service. Please check with your Telco if they provide this service.

How can I cash money from my mobile?
It depends if your telco offers this service. Please check with your Telco if they provide this service.

Can I transfer money to a friend/relative?
It depends if your telco offers this service. Please check with your Telco if they provide this service.

What do I do in case of a dispute?
Please check with the merchant first and if the matter is not resolved, please call your telco’s Customer Service.

Can I unsubscribe from this service?
Yes. To unsubscribe from Boloro, please contact your service provider. In case you lose your phone, you should immediately call your telco and unsubscribe Boloro. As soon as your phone number is restored, you can get a new Boloro Sticker and reactivate right away.